Friday, 5 July 2013

How to reduce Stress in Autistic children

Children Who are affected with autism need more skill development to reduce the frustration, stress and meltdowns. I have known many children with autism who have difficulty with key life and educational skills such as opening lunch boxes, doing up buttons, zippers, cutting, writing or picking up pictures to communicate.

So allows temporarily talk about what we can do to encourage these skills for our children specifically:

1. How to encourage writing.   
2. How to develop thumb strength (A thumb workout!)
3. How to develop 'pincer grip' (Pincer grip 'boot camp')

Over the years I have found I need to use different activities to APPEAL TO THE CHILD'S INTERESTS to encourage them to practice excellent activities and most of all develop strength in their fingertips.


Students get the sensory toys much more motivating than play dough (the 'feel/texture' can cause problems) or traditional actions to create excellent skills and planning. 


 Firstly, Writing for kids with Autism can be hard work because of two factors:

1.     Lack of fine motor control and strength.
2.     Excessive energy and focus required
Anything we can do to improve the motor control build strength and reduce the frustration is essential. Children frustrated by lack of control of their pencil will begin to avoid writing and begin using unsuitable behaviors to 'get out of' doing their work. 

Pencil grips decrease the pressure of writing:

Last time I had a few demands for individuals looking for pencil grip and I found they are actually challenging to discover, especially good ones. I have found these amazing ones that are LOVELY to hold! 

The Pencil Grip is a preferred variety of ergonomic designed writing allows appropriate for any user or writing instrument, whether for right or a lefty use, these grips place the fingers comfortably and properly place for simple writing. And they are flexible enough to go over a variety of scaled pens or pencils.

Many children with Autism find hand writing particularly challenging and this has a lot to do with the uncomfortable way many of them hold their pens/pencils - but with The Pencil Grip fingertips normally port into the appropriate place. Wrong hand writing roles are very difficult to appropriate once routines have been established. The Pencil Grips is so amazing at educating appropriate hand writing roles that I think EVERY kid studying to create should have one!


Fundamental to excellent motor expertise achievements is a powerful thumbs & pincer grip. Here are some excellent FUN MOTIVATING methods to create these:

STACKABLE STAMPS: These are excellent for creating motor preparing and strength in fingertips. The children need to pull the stamp apart and then stamp on page, then put back together. There are 3 different stamps in one which needs the children to pull apart. Once they can stamp on page, I like to sketch containers the kid has to stamp in.


LIGHT UP PENS! These are duration of fun. They are awesome fat pen which are simpler to keep and create with, however to create them even more exciting the Meteor pens mild up and shake when you put the handle down. The abilities needed to keep the manage down helps develop durability in thumbs, and what a compensate when the top of the pen lighting up and whizzes around! The lighting and activity motivate the learners to use the pen.


SPINNING TOPS are duration of fun and create a pincer keep and strength in the fingertips. I like seeing how many the kids can get going simultaneously, and keep going. This is excellent for WARMING up their fingertips before a composing process. Just 5 moments of spinning tops seems to really help get the fingertips prepared for writing.

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