Friday, 6 September 2013


Coping with an Autism child can be little challenging if they get cranky and show abrupt changes in behavior.  There are certain ways with which challenging behavior can be well handled.  Sometimes, it becomes all the more difficult to cope if the child is non-verbal. Challenging behavior can be like physically aggressive behavior. Parents may find this piece of article useful to get the right technique to deal with the special needs children.
The fact that behavior has a function and there could be numerous reasons for it. These could range from processing information, over sensitivity or under-sensitivity. Parents find it challenging to deal with anxiety, anger and frustration. Inability to communicate makes Its even harder to cope with the tantrums of Autism children.
A recent study says that Autism is not simply a mental health but rather a complicated neurological disorder that creates opportunity for new techniques and treatment to deal with common behavioral concerns commonly known as Autism Spectrum disorder.   

Sudden behavior changes can be seen in children like repetitive body movements or movement of objects. Since, this order is referred to as disorder of neural development, it greatly affects brain processing, consequently delaying the cognitive development and language. Some of  the self stimulating behavior can include like
§  Jumping
§  Running
§  Smelling or licking objects
§  Frequent blinking
§  Gazing at the lights
And there could be many eccentric signs like this. Understanding and gaining a deeper insight in to temper tantrums are very difficult for parents and children.  Guardians of the special needs children wonder when the child wants to communicate and ask something in erratic ways. As  the level of frustration rises, inability on the part of the parents make them agonized. 
With depth research in the field of physiology and chemistry of children affected with Autism, it will be more apparent to justify the challenging behavior. However, it is important to understand that makes the children frustrated and at development risk that has a direct impact on the quality of life of Autism children. There are special toys that are globally researched and unique treatments that can significantly help eradicate the behavior that affects their interaction skills and disrupts the mental development.

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